About Us


CruzCal.org is the Santa Cruz community’s convenient and open calendar resource for all arts and cultural events. Now event organizers can post their event information in one place while audiences, media, curated websites, and bloggers can easily import event information.

CruzCal.org provides the following benefits:

  • Increase event diversity and awareness
  • Saves time and money with one convenient community calendar system
  • Provides wide accessibility
  • Maximizes your outreach
  • Reduces event conflicts when planning for an upcoming event

The result of nearly two years of effort amongst Arts Council Santa Cruz County, City of Santa Cruz Arts Commission, and the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development Office, CruzCal.org helps expand the economic and cultural impact of the arts throughout Santa Cruz County.

Terms of Use

Event postings should be posted by knowledgeable community members where the community is empowered to edit and improve the accuracy of event data in the system.

Events should be posted for the actual dates and exact times they will occur. This will greatly improve rebroadcasting of the event by users who curate content and/or export events for their own website calendars. Multi-day, 24-hour events, for example, are not likely to be imported by other sites for publishing and single users will not want to import multi-day blocks on their calendar. Posting events for the discrete dates and times they occur also helps to keep the site clutter-free for everyone with high-quality calendar information.

CruzCal.org will not be used to scrape or import, en-masse, proprietary content from other websites. When posting an event, please ensure you provide as much information as possible, always providing a URL link to the event organizer or organization.

Non-profit Arts Organizations

Santa Cruz non-profit Arts Organizations are eligible to receive a license for an Event Calendar Pro extension to automate importing event data from CruzCal.org to their WordPress-based websites. For more information and training, please contact City of Santa Cruz Arts Program Manager Beth Ragel at bragel@cityofsantacruz.com.

How to Add an Event

Navigate to the sidebar and click the "ADD YOUR EVENT" button. Fill out the form with your event details.

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How to Edit/Delete an Event

When you create a new event you will receive an email containing a unique link to your event. This link gives you access to special edit and removing tools.

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How to Clone an Event

Navigate to the event which you would like to clone, and click on the "CLONE" button within the sidebar. You will then be given a form with identical information as the event you wish to clone. After making any necessary changes you can then publish your event.

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How to Add a Venue

From the Venues page, find the "ADD YOUR VENUE" button within the sidebar. Clicking this button will take you to a form where you can create a new venue or event location.

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How to Subscribe to the Event Feeds

If you would like to sync upcoming events into your personal calendar, you can export the feeds into iCalendar, Google Calendar, or you can use the custom Atom feed to synchronize the data into any compatible program.

Animated .gif illustrating the steps above. Animated .gif illustrating the steps above.