3rd Friday: Magic

Friday, January 16 2015 from 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Museum of Art & History Santa Cruz, California 95060



Magic surrounds us every day. Space is magic. Health is magic. Spirituality is magic. And yeah, a rabbit who springs forth from a top hat is magic too.

Travel through these worlds with an evening of hands-on workshops and performances. Learn the power of mind with Birch from the Sacred Grove, who will offer a spell-crafting workshop for all ages and curiosities. Tai Miller, a practicing psychic and medium with Sacred Grove and Caledonia’s Psychic Services, will offer Ghost Advice and talk about the ethics, history, and practice of communicating with those who have passed. Tia will also explain what ghosts are and how they come to be part of our living world. Susan and Didi of Serpent’s Kiss will offer sample tarot readings and demonstrate how to use various divination tools and techniques such as Scrying, Tarot, Runes, and Pendulums at a Divination Station. Reverend Crystal will awaken the magic within by leading meditation sessions on clairvoyance every half hour in the history gallery. Step into the four elements (Water, Earth, Air, Fire) with immersive altars from Community Seed. For those who want to take spells home, make your own spell books and wands.

The Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at UCSC will reveal the Magic of the Universe through a bewildering, visual presentation on time machines, galaxy collisions, black holes, and stardust on the stage from 7-7:30. UCSC OpenLab will present works with the Digital Arts and New Media Mechatronics project group: Steve Trimmer, Sean Pace, David Harris, and Zach Corse. Fly into an atmospheric laser light show called Arcane Splendor with light artist Sal McBenttez on the 2nd floor. Be filled with the magic of music with a trombone performance from 7:30-8pm by professional Trombonist Michael Cushing from the Santa Cruz Symphony.

Be sure to catch the traveling medieval magician from Santiago’s Magic, who will be roaming the event. Enjoy Magic Performances on the stage from 5-7pm from the Coastal Magicians’ Club with the following magicians:

Doug “The Surfing Magician” delights audiences with hilarious and astonishing magic and performs 3 shows a day all summer long at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Doug also shares his magic with children at the Stanford McDonands Center. Local magician Joshua Logan performs magic professionally worldwide. He has been exploring the therapeutic value of magic for the last 15 years. He performs at events for Toys for Tots, Fattal Leukemia Foundation and advises organizations such as Balloons for Luv, which donates helium Mylar balloon stations to hospitals. Joshua was featured in Magic Magazine in 2012. Cat Boult is a Mentalist who performs unexplainable acts. She is also the Northern California representative for Hello Kitty Magic. Cat, along with her magician friends, will be demonstrating the amazing new “Hello Kitty Magic” line. (No products will be for sale at the exhibit)


5:00-7:00pm: Magic Performances from the Coastal Magicians’ Club

7:00-7:30pm: Magic of the Universe Presentation from The Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at UCSC

7:30-8:00pm: Magic of Music Trombone Performance from the Santa Cruz Symphony.

Don’t miss Kid Happy Hour with art activities just for kids from 4-5PM in the classroom. This Kid Happy Hour we’ll be making the ordinary extraordinary with The Cardboard Guys. Have you ever met a cardboard King or Queen? Played with a deck of jumbo cardboard cards? What about build furniture out of cardboard? Come explore the magic of cardboard beyond the box. If feeling a need for a more majestic opportunity, don’t worry – you can also walk away with a set of dragon wings.