3rd Friday: Beats

Friday, April 17 2015 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Museum of Art & History Santa Cruz, California 95060



What do dance teams, interactive sound samplers, and a balloon band featuring Beyonce’s drummer have in common? They can keep a beat.

Join in on performances, hands-on workshops and demonstrations from community members that explore how beats set the rhythm of our music, dance, bodies, and even plants.


5:00-5:30pm: Culture Yard Capoeira presents traditional Afro-Brazilian call-and-response music with melodic and percussive instruments.

5:30-5:45pm: Youth Symphony Concert from El Sistema Santa Cruz

5:45-6:00pm: ASL Spoken Word Poetry by Shira Grabelsky titled Transformation

6:00-6:40pm: Balloon-made beats by The Unpopable Trio (ft Beyonce’s drummer)

6:50-7:00pm: Hip Hop and Jazz Dances from the UCSC Dance Team

7:00-8:00pm: Local musicians from Kuumbwa Jazz


5pm-5:45pm: Community Drum Circle: Make beats with percussionist Jim Greiner in an all-ages drumming session. Jim will provide all the instruments. All levels welcome. Join the circle from 5-5:45pm.

5:45-8pm: Piano Performance: Be awed by artist Mauro ffortisimo’s playing a deconstructed piano in Abbott Square.

The Sound, Science, History, and Art of the Theremin: Imagine playing an instrument without touching it. That instrument exists; it’s called the Theremin. Learn how to play the instrument with Michael Brezel & Jennifer Young from Theremania.

Botanical Tuning: What if plants could sing? Well, maybe they can…Artist Steven Trimmer from UCSC’s Digital Arts and New Media program will “play plants” using technology and instruments of his own making.

Transformation ASL Poetry Workshop: Explore how American Sign Language can be expressed as dance and movement in this workshop with poet Shira Grabelsky.

Belly Dancing Workshop: Learn belly dance moves and basics with Didi from the Sacred Grove. No experience required!

Rooftop Sampling Session: Learn how to sample sounds, loop recordings, and mix beats with Oliver Whitcroft in the Sculpture Garden. Join a collaborative foray in to the world of sonic manipulation, appropriation and drum machine enhanced syncopation.

Funk Mission with DJ Kikkoman: Get down with DJ Kikkoman in the back patio. DJ Kikkoman is just a link in the chain of the rich history and tradition of the disc jockey. He’s breaking atoms within the grooves of a record on a quest to find “the perfect beat”… bring your dancin’ shoes!

Fall in Love in 36 Questions: Is it possible to fall in love just by asking a few questions? A study by psychologist Arthur Aron called ‘The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness” tested the theory that it’s possible to make two people fall in love by getting them to share intimate thoughts and memories. Here is your chance to take this love test.

Beatnik Poetry Workshop: Explore the Beatnik literary and social movement through poetry and collage.

Heart Beet Prints: Make heart “beet” prints with red beets and paint.

Don’t miss Kid Happy Hour with art activities just for kids from 4-5PM in the classroom.