John Kaizan Neptune & Friends

Saturday, April 30 2016 from 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Kuumbwa Jazz 320-2 Cedar Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060



John Kaizan Neptune brings to the shakuhachi (bamboo flute) a new and dynamic sound and feeling all his own. The California-born American, Neptune who lives in Japan, is acknowledged to be among the top masters of the instrument in Japan. He has studied the shakuhachi for many years and is known to carefully manufacture his own performing instruments. Mr. Neptune is traveling to Santa Cruz from Japan to perform. He will be accompanied by friends: Robie Belgrade on acoustic drums; Shirley Muramoto on Koto; Eien Hunter Ishikawa on xylophone; and Kyle Abbott on the Shamisen. Admission is $20 & $35 in advance, $25/$40 at the door. Tickets through