Simple Life Instructions: Dada at Radius

Sunday, October 23 2016 from 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz, California (831) 706-1620 1050 River St., Unit 127 Santa Cruz, California 95060



Simple Life Instructions: D@d@atTheR@dius features work by nine Bay area artist using new and old technology with dada sensibilities: video and surveillance installation by Jesus Aguilar; video and sculpture by Keith Daly; wall construction by Mark Faigenbaum from the collection of Reclaimed Recology S.F. (the dump); new technology installations by new Stanford Mfa, Simona Mihaela Fitcal; old technology by Tony May, objects of impossible utility and videos by Victoria May, reimagination by Robbie Schoen, witful recrafting by Rose Sellery and neon commentary by Bruce Suba, curated by Maureen Davidson. Instructions is provided as a respite from our increasingly fraught world. In the face of absurdity, we offer d.a.d.a., a kindness, really.

Simple Life Instructions: D@d@atTheR@dius

On exhibition: October 1-November 13, 2016

Curator's Talk: October 16 2:00pm

The exhibition is funded in part by Arts Council Santa Cruz County.