First Friday Opening: Audiographa

Friday, February 3 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Art Research Office 1025 Center Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060



Art Research Office is pleased to present a project that took an entire year to create. Over 260 drawings! Eric Zwierzynski has formed a series entitled Audiographa; an algorithm, where music, drawing and technology meld together to create complex drawings. Zwierzynski believes that data can predict a song’s popularity, and the resulting art works create evidence of this. He says: “modern music is going through a renaissance similar to what painting went through at the turn of the 20th century. Technology is coming to the place of accumulating databases of data for various uses”, Audiographa serves as an index for the visualization of Zwierzynski’s theory. ARO has curated a collection of these drawings and will open the exhibition on Friday, February 3.

In 2016 Zwierzynski selected a specific song and produced a drawing each day, creating 260+ drawings including a classic from Prince and a hit song from Nicki Minaj. Melody, repetition, song length and beats per minute inform the algorithm’s process. Album covers and other associated graphics assisted Zwierzynski’s use of color and feel of each composition. In 2017 Audiographa is taking requests and will accept commissions to design anyone’s favorite song.

Eric Zwierzynski is a musician and a designer, whose all-inclusive approach requires a big-picture perspective. This means viewing limitations as fuel for creativity, generously asking incisive questions and executing design with authenticity and enthusiasm. As a web designer, he has found himself straddling the worlds of systems and aesthetics. As a guitarist, he has found aspects of those same worlds in tension while performing in his band, Above the Storm.