Weekend Class- Image Transfer Processes for Mixed Media

Saturday, April 22 2017 from 11:00am - 5:00pm

Cabrillo College 6500 Soquel Dr Aptos, California 95060



In this Saturday and Sunday class, explore simple yet versatile image transfer techniques that offer endless possibilities for creative expression. Gain inspiration and ideas from seeing the work of a number of artists applying wildly varied approaches to transferring images. Learn to transfer photographic images onto many types of non-traditional surfaces, such as patterned or unusual papers or boards, wood, stone, tile, metal, Plexiglass, and all kinds of objects. When you meld or fuse an image with such non-photographic surface or object, you create a relationship between them, opening up the potential for rich visual metaphors. Text can be added and images and/or text can be layered over each other. Sat. & Sun., April 22 & 23 11 am โ€“ 5 pm Room: VAPA 2005 $210 Plus a $60 materials fee at registration