Life of the Dead: a lecture by Alison Galloway

Tuesday, June 6 2017 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Rio Theatre 1205 Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz, California 95062



Listen to world-renowned forensic anthropologist, Alison Galloway, share her understanding of the natural history of human decomposition.

When the human body is allowed to undergo normal decomposition, then the remains play host to a suite of insects, animals and fungi as well as the bacterial interactions from within and external to the body. In other words, we may die but life continues and transitions. This talk will explore the range of creatures that utilize human bodies after death and how forensic anthropologists and other forensic scientists use these to estimate the time since death.

Alison Galloway, Ph.D. is the former head of the Anthropology department at UCSC. Her research is focused on what happens to bone during life, around the time of death and what happens to bodies after people die.

$15 General Admission | $10 Museum Members | $30 Gold Circle