The Radical Poetic Imagination 2 Weekend Workshop

Saturday, June 17 2017 from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Cabrillo College 6500 Soquel Dr Aptos, California 95060



One need not be a poet to enjoy the experience of setting your imagination free! This two- week- end workshop focuses on the expression of the expanded imagination through poetry. It is ideal for anyone of any age who is interested in expanding the scope of their imagination. Students will participate in generative exercises at each stage of exploration. We will seek to answer some questions, and discuss the historical development of the Radical Poetic Imagination, including the historical and cultural context, groundbreaking work of poets through history, and the development of modern, free poetic expression. The imaginative journey then moves on to French Avant-Garde, Dada and continental Surrealism. We will culminate the exploration of the liberated imagination in the Spanish poets of the Civil War, 20th Century Latin American Poetry, the Beat Movement and the best of contemporary, innovative work, incorporating painting, photography, film, performance art, theatre, and advertising. Anyone with an interest in expanded vision through all mediums, including dream and reverie, will find The Radical Imagination exhilarating. Students should bring a journal or notebook, a favorite pen, dress comfortably, and bring a lunch and a drink. No experience writing or performing is necessary.

2 Sat. & 2 Sun., June 17, 18, 24 & 25 10 am - 2 pm Room: HORT 5001 Register by June 5: $180 Register after June 5: $195