For Make Night, June 15th, we are featuring an artist who is displaying work and creating an activity for the public. Learn more about her and her project below: 

My name is Cloe Jean Fernandez Zarifian and I am recreating a complete set of Lotería to portray the life I have lived as a Mexican Armenian American, with symbols that pertain to my upbringing and reality. 

Come see my art and enjoy a game of Identity Bingo! Learn about my experience visually through CLotería the Armenian-Mexican-American version of Lotería, and create your own Lotería Identity Card! Note: the L in both my name and the title of the show is capitalized on purpose.

Lotería (Mexican Bingo) was brought to Mexíco in the 18th century by the Spaniards, but I am most familiar with the 1887 version by Don Clemente. This version consists of 54 different cards with images visually ranging from fruit to personality types, symbols of life that were commonly recognized when it was created in Mexíco. Even today, it is extremely popular in Latin American communities.

This is a FREE, drop in, family friendly event!

Friday, June 15, 2018 at 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History 705 Front St, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

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