Westside Artists' Holiday Tour

Nine Open Studios Artists on the Westside of Santa Cruz are opening up their studios for a very special holiday tour.

All fine artists, they have created many wonderful gifts of all sizes and prices.

Some of the unique items you will find…

jewelry / encaustic & oil paintings / tile trivets / magnets / pastel landscapes / greeting cards / silk prints / totes / journals / sculpture / angels & cherubs / fiber art & batik / ornaments / art bowls / doll furniture / gems / birds / watercolors / giclée prints



Alanni Lanni- 211 Sunset Ave, landscapes, art prints, greeting cards

William Winkler- 211 Sunset Ave, unique jewelry fabricated from silver and gold, with precious stones

Sandra Cherk- 103 Redwood St, pastel landscapes of California and Greece

Alexandra Sanders- 637 Columbia St, batik & fiber art, silk miniatures, cards, totes, magnets, journals and giclée prints

Marianne de Hatten Groh- 214 Pelton Ave, small angels & cherubs, candle holders, ceramic and bronze sculpture

Nicole Ribeyrolle-Launier- 214 Pelton Ave, handcrafted jewelry

Sydney Zentall- 316 Walk Circle, paintings featuring the interplay of water & light, encaustic, oil and pastel

Timothey Lydgate- 137 Plateau Ave, woodwork using Hawaiian woods

Lynn Guenther- 215 Walk Circle, handcrafted jewelry in copper, silver & gold with precious stones

Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 11:00am to 4:00pm

Westside Santa Cruz

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